7 Tips for a Successful Summer Shred

Summer is almost upon us. The time where a large portion of the population decides to pull their finger out and start taking care of their health and fitness. For many it is a seasonal occurrence. Train for a month or two then fall off the wagon and so the cycle repeats itself. These tips can be used not just in the lead up to summer but for YEAR ROUND consistency for you to get and maintain amazing results.

1. Train at an intensity that is actually going to get you results. Too many people going to the gym and just going through the motions.

2. Spend more time in an environment that is going to support your goals. Want to train more and eat well? Hang out with people already doing that.

3. Pick your battles. You can’t go out every weekend and slay piss and eat shit like it ain’t no thang if you want to be feeling amazing and performing optimally. There’s only so much your body can take.

4. Commit to a plan. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. How many days to you want to train? Have you thought about what you are going to eat daily? Review it regularly and rate your efforts.

5. Monitor your booze intake. Yes those mid week wines and beers are most likely sabotaging your results (and don’t forget the weekend binge). It’s very difficult to have a love affair with binge drinking and fat loss at the same time.

6. Eat veggies and protein with every meal. I can hammer this one out till the cows come home and people will still not do it. Probably the simplest thing you can do to lose weight but people would still rather drink skinny teas and bullshit like that.

7. Back load your calories when you have a big night planned. This isn’t going to completely save you but if you have a large night on the booze and food you may want to fast in the morning to save some of your caloric budget for the blowout.