8 Tips to Make Fat Loss Simple in 2018

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Ahhh the new year. It’s exciting to know that there will be people out there who finally take the plunge in to the world of improving their health and fitness but on the other hand it’s saddening to think that many won’t make it. People have the best intentions at heart but like every year, most will fall off the wagon with their new years resolutions come Feb. If you don’t want to lie to Maury then simplify your fat loss in 2018 by using these 8 tips to guide you.

1. Find something you can stick to long term. You can’t eat juice, diet replacement shakes or do a ‘cleanse’ (whatever that means) for the rest of your life. The person who eats well 80% of the time for life trumps the person who eats well 100% of the time for a month. People who see the most success are those that don’t go searching for the quick fix, magic bullet. 

2. Ask for help if you need it. Having someone to hold you accountable and point you in the right direction is extremely important. Just learning proper exercise technique is crucial for both better results and injury prevention. You wouldn’t jump in a car without learning how to drive so why would you step foot in to a gym if you haven’t learnt correct exercise technique? I’ve been training for 15 years and am still picking things up.

3. Don’t drink your calories.  Coffee with milk and sugar, soft drink, alcohol all adds up. Save those precious cals for eating so you’ll actually feel satisfied and full. Water is king. You can even drink zero calorie beverages + tea and black coffee.

4. Track your progress. Photos (try not to break the camera with your patented blue steel look), measurements, sets, reps, weight and even clothing are all useful and easily accessible. It can be extremely motivating to celebrate the little wins as your progressing which will help you stay on track.

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5. You can’t just do what you like doing all the time. If I just ate what I liked eating and did what I liked doing I’d be woofing down burgers everyday and lounging around watching NBA or playing playstation in my Peter Alexanders. Not even the most experienced trainees feel like going to the gym most days or eating lean protein and vegetables most meals but you just got to learn to get it done.

6. Optimize your sleep. Everything we do during our waking hours is affected by it; training, mood, work, relationships etc. just because you think your ‘used’ to getting little sleep each night doesn’t mean it’s not affecting your health and performance. 7+ hours appears to be a sweet spot. Sleep has also been shown to affect the amount of weight you lose from fat vs muscle (less sleep = more muscle lost and more fat retained). 

7. Try something new. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result and if your commercial gym membership has been collecting dust for years on end maybe it’s time to realise that whatever you’ve tried in the past isn’t working? The fitness industry has evolved so much over the years and there is so much more on offer than just going to a gym where no one gives a shit about you. Group training, semi-private, personal training, online training are all available if you want to step it up a notch.

8. Eat lean protein and vegetables. Hunger is the enemy of fat loss. Basing your meals around lean proteins and veggies fights hunger by keeping you FULLER for LONGER. They also allow you to pack in a ton of vitamins and minerals which will help you reach optimal health and body composition. Nutrition doesn’t have to be rocket science and the world would be a much leaner and healthier place if people followed this rule alone. Most people know what they should be doing with their nutrition (eating less processed foods and more whole foods) yet they rarely put their knowledge in to practice. It’s SO easy to find healthy options these days you just need to be actively searching for them. Give it a crack and see the results for yourself.

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The team at Lord of The Rig wish you all the best with whatever health and fitness goals you have set for yourself this year.

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Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018,