Are You Making These 8 Muscle Growth Mistakes?

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I’m writing this little number around the holiday period, which means that it’s a GREAT time to build muscle. Why you ask? Well with all of the indulging comes an increase in calories which helps create an ideal environment for the body to build muscle. The way I see it… you may as well be doing some sort of strength training and trying to build muscle as opposed to sitting around and piling on straight up body fat. I was also so used to hearing about what you should be doing to maximize muscle growth that I thought I would let you know about the things you should avoid.

1. Your training should match your goals. If muscle growth is #1 on your list avoid doing excessive cardio/HIT training as it inhibits the bodies anabolic (growth) response.

2. Don’t skip out on taking full days off and having time to recover. This is where the adaptation to the training takes place.

3. Don’t under eat (especially protein).If you’re a smaller guy or girl you’re going to have to take on extra calories to create the right environment for muscle growth.

4. Avoid excessive stress and include mindfulness, meditation and plenty of ‘me’ time.

5. A lack of sleep will also affect your gains. Aim to get 7+ hours.

6. Lugging around heavier weight then you can handle will also be detrimental and can leave you injured. Go for form over load and try to ‘feel’ the muscle you’re trying to work.

7. People still think ‘heavy weight low reps’ if you want to put on muscle. 5 reps and below are more optimal for maximal strength and I recommend most of your training to be in the rep range of 6-12. • If you want any questions answered all you’ve got to do is ask.

8. Don’t put all your eggs in the what ‘supplements should I take’ basket. Don’t avoid the work because there are no shortcuts. Nail the above then you can start to worry about what supps to take.

Live long and prosper my fellow rigs.

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