Should You Train Twice A Day?

Firstly – it is definitely the minority who this article will affect. Most people struggle to get to the gym once a day! However, I still get people asking me this question all the time and I see a lot of our members making a real effort to get to a training session in the […]


Warm Up – You’re Doing It Wrong

At Lord of The Rig we have a very simple 3 step process when it comes to our warm up. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF A WARM UP should be the question on your lips. Our warm ups take about 3-5 minutes.  Sitting on a foam roller while texting for 20 mins […]


Why I Stopped Having Protein Shakes

They say old habits die hard. I started using whey protein powder back in high school and don’t recall a time when I haven’t had a big tub of the good stuff waiting to dive in to when I get home from the gym. I do my best to stay up to date on the […]


Are You Making These 8 Muscle Growth Mistakes?

I’m writing this little number around the holiday period, which means that it’s a GREAT time to build muscle. Why you ask? Well with all of the indulging comes an increase in calories which helps create an ideal environment for the body to build muscle. The way I see it… you may as well be […]


Creating the Right Environment for MUSCLE GROWTH

We get a lot of people joining our program who have been training themselves in commercial gyms but are struggling to see any results when it comes to muscle growth. They have always been around the same weight for as long as they can remember and just can’t get the scale to move in the […]


2 Minute Tuesday: BRACE YOURSELF

2 Minute Tuesday… a short blog post that you can read in under 2 minutes that can instantly help get you better results in the gym.   Learning correct breathing and bracing has been a game changer not only for those that I coach but also for my own lifting. It’s essential if you want […]


Your Guide To Sleeping Like a Baby

This is actually part of a document that was created for our gym members called THE SLEEP BIBLE. It was created because one of the biggest issues i’ve seen after checking years of initial questionnaires with clients is that SLEEP is one of the biggest things that people can improve on. We’ve all had those […]


2 Minute Tuesday: Pimp Your Bench Press

2 Minute Tuesday… a short blog post that you can read in under 2 minutes that can instantly help get you better results in the gym.   Odds are if you are a bloke and you’ve trained in the gym you have done the bench press or some bench variation. I myself have been doing […]


4 Reasons You’re Struggling to Build Muscle

4 REASONS YOU’RE STRUGGLING TO BUILD MUSCLE Tackling one of my favourite topics here I must note that this post is written assuming that you are consistent with your training. Sticking to a program trumps all of these reasons so if you’re struggling to build muscle and not actually training step 1 would obviously be […]


My Top 4 Tips from Master Muscle Builder Christian Thibaudeau

If you’re serious about your training you have probably already heard of Christian Thibadeau. If you haven’t the man is one of the worlds top bodybuilders and strength coaches. He contributes hundreds of free articles and videos to famous training blog t-nation. The style of writing and teaching he uses is unique in the way […]