The 80/20 Rule for Lifetime Leanness

  An easy to use, fast, effective and FREE way to improve your health so you can stay lean for life. When it comes to fat loss and overall health and wellbeing we like to think of your nutrition as being 80% whole food and 20% soul food (wording I’ve taken from the guys over […]


Is Intermittent Fasting For You?

  Intermittent fasting is all the rage at the moment. Is it a unstoppable fat loss silver bullet? Or just another tool in the toolbox? If you’ve read any of my previous stuff you’ll probably guess that it’s the latter. When dealing with clients we have a number of tactics to recommend based on their […]


Why I Stopped Having Protein Shakes

They say old habits die hard. I started using whey protein powder back in high school and don’t recall a time when I haven’t had a big tub of the good stuff waiting to dive in to when I get home from the gym. I do my best to stay up to date on the […]


8 Tips to Make Fat Loss Simple in 2018

Ahhh the new year. It’s exciting to know that there will be people out there who finally take the plunge in to the world of improving their health and fitness but on the other hand it’s saddening to think that many won’t make it. People have the best intentions at heart but like every year, […]


4 Tips to Keep You On Track This Silly Season

Ahhh silly season. Mates. Work Christmas Parties. Barbecues. Christmas. Catch Ups. New Years. Boxing Day. There really is no escaping this joyous time of year and there is plenty going on that could land you smack bang on Santa’s naughty list. It’s not just the drinking that gets ya… it’s the late nights and the […]


Is Alcohol Destroying Your Fat Loss?

Beeries. Schooies. The Good Stuff. Suds. Sauce. Liquid Courage. Juice. Call it what you will but drinking is as part of Australian culture as vegemite and BBQs and it can be extremely tough avoiding it. I’m not anti-drinking in anyway – in fact I love doing it but have learnt to pick my battles these […]


Creating the Right Environment for MUSCLE GROWTH

We get a lot of people joining our program who have been training themselves in commercial gyms but are struggling to see any results when it comes to muscle growth. They have always been around the same weight for as long as they can remember and just can’t get the scale to move in the […]


4 Reasons You’re Struggling to Build Muscle

4 REASONS YOU’RE STRUGGLING TO BUILD MUSCLE Tackling one of my favourite topics here I must note that this post is written assuming that you are consistent with your training. Sticking to a program trumps all of these reasons so if you’re struggling to build muscle and not actually training step 1 would obviously be […]


4 Nutrition Tips For Faster Fat Loss

Ok so these tips might not make you look like my boy Hugh Jackman…  but they will certainly put you in the right direction if dropping body fat and looking leaner is your goal. Knowledge is power so understanding where you may be going wrong in the first place can help you make better choices […]