For Your Leanest and Healthiest Year ever do THIS

It’s the New Year. We all have big hopes and dreams but many of us will end up in the exact same position next January promising ourselves ‘this year is going to be different’.

In order to build a leaner, stronger body and healthy mind implementing these 10 habits will have you well on your way to success. Depending on what point you’re at on your health and fitness journey you may just need to use one or two of these bad boys or perhaps all 10.

As the great Bruce Lee once said ‘absorb what is useful, discard what is useless’

1. Stop Dieting & Start Focusing On Eating More Whole Foods

Not rocket science but that nightly Uber eats and take out is not doing you any favours. Eat more plants and lean protein. Learn how to prepare some basic meals and figure out some local eateries that have got your back on the whole food front. Do this and the fat loss will follow.

2. Think Long Term For Life Not Short Term For Now

If you’ve spent years getting out of shape what makes you think you can get in shape in a couple of weeks? Go long on building new habits that are going to stay with you for life. Avoid the fads and get fit quick schemes. Embrace ‘doing the work’ because if it sounds too good to be true… it is.

3. Find A Physical Activity That You Enjoy

Not everyone is built for the same type of training. Get out there and find out what you like best. We highly recommend surrounding yourself with a group of like minded individuals – and there are plenty of ways to do that these days with a plethora of gyms to choose from.

4. Chunk Down Your Goals

Having big goals is amazing but a goal without a plan is useless. Chunk down your goals in to actionable steps and habits so you can see what it takes to make them happen.

GOAL: Lose 10 KG

-Train 4x a week
-Walk 10,000 steps everyday
-Meal prep 2x a week

5. Sleep 7+ Hours

We know that getting a solid sleep decreases the likelihood that we are going to make poor quality choices with your nutrition. It affects literally everything we do during our wakings hours so it’s best we learn to get good at it.

6. 10,000 Steps a Day

Build the habit of moving more by figuring out how you can get your steps up. Invest in a fitbit and walk like it’s your job! Walk when making calls, walk to work, take the stairs, ditch the car and make it happen.

7. Don’t Drink Your Calories

Alcohol intake is such a huge crutch for people struggling to live a healthier life. It’s very difficult to have a flourishing piss-sinking life and a get healthy agenda simultaneously. At some point you’re going to have to choose one or the other.

8. Take Ownership of Your Situation

Everyone is ‘busy’. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start taking responsibility for how you spend your time. There will never be a perfect moment to get started so take the plunge and move the needle toward a healthier you.

9. Seek Help

We estimate less than 10% of people actually have the willpower to go to the gym and train hard enough to get results on their own. Ask for help! Join a gym or support group that will be there to keep you motivated.

10. Know Your Weaknesses

No one likes admitting their faults but the sooner you can do this the sooner you can come up with tactics to move beyond your own self-sabotaging behaviour.

While the above list may be overwhelming for some I urge you to pick a few that you can confidently nail for a couple weeks and stick with those.

When it comes to behaviour change we always wan’t to go the whole nine yards. We want to swear off alcohol forever, train twice a day, never eat a carb again. My advice… small changes and sustainability over huge changes and extremities.

We want you lean for life. Not just a couple months.

Yours in health,