Kira Sutherland – Episode 13 – Rig Radio

20 years of industry experience dealing with thousands of clients. Kira Sutherland of Uber Health is a sports nutritionist and naturopath who specializes in endurance athletes and works with a wide variety of clients. She definitely walks the walk and competes in Ironman triathlons and ultra marathons.

We talk about what works with her clients, why she doesn’t have them track their macros, white rice vs brown rice as a carb source and some limitations to the ‘low carb high fat’ diet.

Whether you deal with athletes or just want to drop some body fat this one is a great listen.

*DISCLAIMER* what we discuss on this podcast are methods we use for our clients and in no way is it the only way to get things done – you should always consult a medical practitioner before partaking in a new training or nutrition program.