The 80/20 Rule for Lifetime Leanness


An easy to use, fast, effective and FREE way to improve your health so you can stay lean for life.

When it comes to fat loss and overall health and wellbeing we like to think of your nutrition as being 80% whole food and 20% soul food (wording I’ve taken from the guys over at Equalution). This article will provide you with a super easy and fast tool to take an audit on your nutrition and see how you stack up. 

Everyone says they care about their health but those that truly want to make changes will take a few minutes out of their day to learn this as it will be something they can use for the rest of their lives.

The whole foods are going to nourish your body, provide you with tonnes of the vitamins and minerals you need to be functioning and performing at your best while helping you maintain a healthy body fat percentage. These are your ‘low calorie’ meals.

The soul foods will provide a little bit of flexibility to spend time with friends and family so you can be human and enjoy some delicious meals. We believe life’s too short to eat chicken and broccoli every meal. Think about this as ‘high calorie’ meals.

Take a few minutes now to pull out a piece of paper and audit your nutrition to see if you stack up. If you’re unsure of how each meal should be sitting than your number one issue is most likely consistency. If that is the case aim to create awareness on what sort of meals you are having throughout the week. Remember – self-awareness is the first step to creating positive changes.

If you have no idea start marking each meal in the table as you go so you can have a look at where you are sitting after completing 7 days.


Click HERE to download your tracking document <——————————————-


Here is an example of my week:

X = Whole Foods
☺ = Soul Foods (appropriately)


The equation we want is:

whole foods / total meals x 100
17/22 x 100 = 77%

Just below that 80% target and I would be happy with one of our members hitting this (if they were happy with their results that is!)

 Also make note that the soul food meals are interchangeable. Meaning if you need to go out on a Monday night for a friends birthday you can swap that high-calorie meal with one later in the week.

A few reasons you might not be reaching your goals even if you are tracking in the 80/20 zone?

Your high-calorie meals are way too high calorie 

People sometimes have a mindset of ‘i’ve got to make the most of this meal so I’m going to stuff my face as much as humanly possible’.

You are not factoring your alcohol intake

Being in Australia consuming large amounts of alcohol is a pretty regular thing and is often the root cause of people not being able to maintain a healthy body fat level

You’re not tracking weekends

A lot of people do a really good job tracking Monday to Friday but when the weekend comes they put their heads in the sand (let’s face it sometimes us humans don’t want to admit that we are the only ones holding ourselves back).

Your goals are too extreme

If you have hopes and dreams to be at an extremely low body fat percentage than you may have to tighten the belt anymore. The 80/20 principle is mainly for putting yourself to a healthier level of body fatness – you’ll still look great but if you want extreme results you’ll have to put up with more extreme measures.

There you have it. Hopefully, this helps in your quest for a leaner, stronger body and healthy mind. As always if you have any other questions please reach out and say hello.