Warm Up – You’re Doing It Wrong

At Lord of The Rig we have a very simple 3 step process when it comes to our warm up. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF A WARM UP should be the question on your lips. Our warm ups take about 3-5 minutes.  Sitting on a foam roller while texting for 20 mins or doing that old leg out on to a chair stretch with no real aim is a complete waste and truly eats in to our time that could be spent getting leaner, stronger, fitter and faster.

What we are really after is 1) Improving Performance so we can get better results and reach our goals faster and 2) Injury Prevention so we can spend more time in the gym training at intensity.

You will get the best results when your warm up is specific to what ever movements you may be training that day. A lower body focused strength session will have a different warm up to an upper body focused strength session and vice versa.

The process we go to is as follows with some short examples on what you can focus on:


Step one we pick an exercise that is going to increase our range of motion at a specific joint which will help you move more efficiently. Once we create this new rage of motion now is the best time to cement this new range by adding load. 


Lower Body – Ankles, Hips, Thoracic Spine
Upper Body – Thoracic Spine


Step two is all about activating muscles that are going to improve exercise efficiency and improve stability. A strong upper back will help you create a solid base for your bench press. Firing your glutes and hamstrings correctly in a deadlift will save your low back from getting injured.


Lower Body – Glutes, Hamstrings
Upper Body – Upper Back (Rear Delts, Rhomboids, Lats)

Below is an upper back exercise I use for activation on every upper body focused day.


This basically means we are looking at finding a movement that is going to simulate our main movement of the day with a sub-maximal load. Going through your main movement at a lighter load can also be classified as greasing the groove. Simply doing a few warm up sets on the bench press at a lighter load before you move on to your working sets will also count.


Lower Body – Goblet Squat, Single Leg RDL
Upper Body – Push Ups, Pull Aparts, Pull Downs

There you have it. Some very simple principles to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.

We will be following up this post with some more detailed ideas including what exercises you should be doing for your warm ups dependant on your session type.

Lift hard and as always contact me if you have any questions or need help with anything.