Your Guide To Sleeping Like a Baby

Can't Sleep

This is actually part of a document that was created for our gym members called THE SLEEP BIBLE. It was created because one of the biggest issues i’ve seen after checking years of initial questionnaires with clients is that SLEEP is one of the biggest things that people can improve on. We’ve all had those nights… tossing and turning, counting down the hours until you have to wake up but the pain doesn’t stop there – then the whole next day we’re dragging out heels on the back foot and absolutely sucking at life. Below are 6 tips i’ve compiled to make sure those nights are few and far between. 

Given that you will spend 1/3 of your life sleeping/trying to sleep you may as well learn to get good at it.

Sleep will not only affect your results in the gym but will also impact your overall QUALITY OF LIFE. A lack of it has actually been shown to slow the muscle building and fat loss process. It would be very powerful if you could optimise it not only for training but also for improving your overall health and wellbeing. You’ll have more energy throughout the day which will in turn aid relationships, work and life basically everything you do during your waking hours.


1) One of the biggest things that causes sleep disruption is the use of electronic devices up until bedtime. The light from your laptop, work computer, mobile phone and iPad all disrupt your bodies ability to create melatonin which is the hormone that causes you to feel tired. Lose the screens at least an hour before bed.

2) The bodies dopamine response from checking social media by scrolling aimlessly looking for likes and subliminally or knowingly comparing yourself to others can leave you feeling wired.

3) Try to wind down by going through the same patterns each evening – and be consistent with it ffs. An example of mine would be in bed by 8:20, lights dimmed and reading a book until 9 then lights out. If you’re out socialising every night of the week then try to hop straight in to bed chances are you may still be a bit wired and have shitty quality sleep.

4)If you are someone who gets up to pee multiple times of night you need to start looking at drinking less water after 7:30pm. Yes you may have been ‘doing it for years’ but it definitely disrupts your sleep quality having to wake up so many times and it’s an easy fix. Have more water earlier in the day and just sip on it in the evening if you have to.

5) Training helps the sleep cycle. I can’t tell you how many of my members have told me that they’re sleeping much better since starting a consistent training program. Even when someone misses a week for whatever reason one of the first things they mention is that they had a shitty week of sleep. Train hard. Sleep harder.

6) Get in to meditation. I used to think this was hippie mumbo jumbo bullshit but since being consistent with it I truly noticed that it improves my sleep quality. There are so many different free apps out there to try it if you are new to it. There are also so many different types of mediation so if you’re not vibing on one just try another. I really like one called Mindfullness Daily which goes through a bunch of different types. If you don’t want to spend the few sheckles you can try Headspace for free.

Sweet dreams…