Group Training

The core service for Lord of the Rig is our group training.

Available six days per week in mornings and evenings.

Our classes are led by world class trainers who remain aware of your individual goals.

View our group timetable here.

Personal Training

For clients that would prefer a more personalised service.

Our personal training is available for one-on-one and one-on-two (couples or friends motivating eachother).

Please contact us to book a mutually beneficial time.

Commit to us for 12 weeks and we guarantee it will be invaluable.

Fat Loss

We help people with fat loss by using an evidence-based approach.

Your program and nutrition plan is individually tailored to your goals, training history & injury history.

Designed to be managable (no calorie counting or daily weigh-ins).

Learn more about our fat loss service here.


Improve your strength, speed, endurance and body composition.

This service is a more holistic approach to fitness, opposed to a specific goal.

Available through both group training & personal training mediums.

Online Coaching

Our staff have helped hundreds of Australians through our online coaching.

Our staff will compose individual training and nutrition plans for you.

Weight Training

New to lifting and want to perfect your form?

We host lifting seminars and teach enthusiastic clients how to lift safetly.

Partner with us to crush your previous personal bests.